The Russian Revolutions Quiz

1.) Who became the new leader of the Provisional Government?
    A. Alexander Kerensky
    B. Adolf Hitler
    C. Tzar Nicolas II
    D. Vladmir Lenin

2.) Soldiers were not happy and refused to move to the front lines.
    A. True
    F. False

3.)  Both Kerensky and General Lavr Kornilov clashed about:
     A. Gathering expensive furs from the middle east
     B. Military Policy
     C. Taking over Russia
     D. Who would move to Moscow First

4.) Kornilov sent troops to take control of:
    A.) Belgium
    B.) France
    C.) Petrograd
    D.) Moscow

5.) When Lenin returned to Petrograd, he:
    A.) Went on a shopping spree
    B.) Organized an assassination plan
    C.) Killed all of his close friends
    D.) Remained in hiding